Kevin served 33 years with Calgary Police Service as police officer (25 yrs) and Chaplain. With a personal knowledge of the role of policing and the impact on families, Kevin and Deborah founded Diakonos Retreat Society (now Legacy Place Society) to care for the needs of first responder families.

Kevin is experienced in CISM, Pastoral Crisis Intervention and certified Senior Chaplain. Coaching in first responders marriage has been part of Kevin and Deborah journey with hundreds of first responders including police, fire, military, paramedics, and correctional officers.

In recent years, training police and fire couples in Couples Wellness through"Beat the Odds Together" has been a tremendous joy.


She describes herself as:

"Research Associate in the field of Marriage Development with Human & Equine Relations."

Deborah was a stay at home mom to their 4 children. During that time, she home schooled her children and also took her own courses on marriage and on personal identity and growth as a person.

With these growing experiences, she was able to go on to teach on the different subjects she had been studying and learning, herself. Some of these include:

  • How to be a Creative Counterpart.
  • Personalities
  • Identity (Who am I Meant to Be)
  • Marriage
  • Pre-marital Counselling
  • 1st Responder Coaching and Couples Coaching

Deborah has been certified in:

  • Ongoing Marriage Courses
  • Marriage Mentoring Academy
  • Critical Incident Stress Management
  • CPS Peer Support Group
  • Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator
  • Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage Facilitator
  • Beat the Odds Together Facilitator (co-founder) for 1st Responder Couples
  • Active Military Life and Resiliency Skills
  • Active Relationships for Young Adults / Active Military Families through the "Strong Bonds Instructor Training Course"

Our Story

The journey has been a tough one but we're still together to tell the story.

Who We Are:

Kevin and Deborah McInnes have been married for over 40 years and spent over 33 years in the Law Enforcement world.

They have 4 grown children, with ever growing family members. Time spent with each one is a true enjoyment.

Their extended family includes three horses and two family dogs that bring a lot of laughter and joy.

As Kevin moved on through his policing career, it was evident that many couples within the policing community and 1st Responder community was having difficulty keeping their couple relationships in tact.

With like minded and concerned police officers, Kevin and Deborah founded Diakonos Retreat Society (now Legacy Place) to provide opportunities for the 1st Responder couples and families, to re-connect.

With the hope of some day building their own retreat facility, Kevin and Deborah created:

  • Yearly family retreats where families can get away from the regular stresses that 1st Responders experience day to day, and re-connect with their families with fun activities, sessions for the adults, good food and great times with other families attending.
  • Couples dinner evening where 1st Responder couples came together to celebrate their relationships.
  • Missions trips where 1st Responder singles, and parents with teen children could re-connect with sharing meaningful projects together for those less fortunate.

Continuing to encourage couples to work toward healthy relationships, Kevin and Deborah offered (and still do) pre-marital counselling for those who's desire was (is) to get married. After the course, Kevin was able to do their marriage with much celebrating. To this date, the majority of couples he has married are still together.

At present, Kevin, Deborah and Mark and Kimberley Kolodziej created the Beat the Odds Together Training Retreat for 1st Responder couples. It is a highlight for both Kevin and Deborah.

Kevin and Deborah also coach couples who are having difficulties in their relationship. They don't just coach but love to invest their time and get to know these couples. They assist these couples to work through their circumstances to eventually bring them hope and healing, once again to their lives. They enjoy a high success rate in this area of their work.

Why Us?

We have lived the life of a 1st Responder and spouse for over 30 years.

Through the ups and downs in the traumatic life we are called to work in, we can often lose our true identity.

While being involved in the 1st Responder community, we have worked hard and struggled to stay together, at near impossible odds. We sought to find help for areas that were hard to cope with and didn't understand why circumstances were happening to us. We accomplished this through taking marriage courses and others that gave us insight to who we truly are as human beings behind the uniform and introduced us to a healthier lifestyle outside of the 1st Responder persona.